Patrington Mill Novice Show at Milton EC- 26th November 2017

Patrington Mill Novice Show at Milton EC- 26th November 2017

A little ‘Who won what’ round up from Milton EC, these Novice Shows have such a lovely atmosphere. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to have a go at showing. Usually the ridden classes at these shows are all walk and trot only so they are a great opportunity to get green horses out as well as for jockeys who are just coming off the lead rein.

There is a link to the show vlog below which has photographs as well as video footage from the day:

There is also some low resolution images below which can be used on social media but are not suitable for printing:

1st Youngstock & Inhand Coloured

1st Inhand Veteran & Inhand M&M Large Breeds Inhand

1st Inhand Pony & 2/3 Year Old

1st Inhand Horse, Inhand Solid Colour, Inhand Cob & Inhand Part Bred

1st M&M Small Breeds Inhand

1st Unusual Coloured Inhand

Inhand Champion

Reserve Inhand Champion

1st Lead Rein, Ridden Pony, Unusual Colour & M&M Small Breeds

1st Ridden Horse

1st Ridden M&M Large Breeds & Veteran

1st Ridden Part Bred & Ridden Gelding

1st Ridden Coloured

1st Ridden Cob

1st Ridden Bays, Greys, Chestnuts & Blacks

Ridden Champion

Reserve Ridden Champions

At every show we give away a £5 voucher which can be used against prints, digital images or our personalised photo products, this weeks winner is the owner of possibly one of the worlds most photogenic horses (!) see example below đŸ˜‰ :