Event Bookings

If you are looking for an enthusiastic and experienced photographer for any event at all please contact us. I’m happy to discuss your event and your requirements in depth and explain my experience or knowledge around the subject.

I have added an events calendar with our confirmed dates for this year to make it as easy as possible to see our availability. Please note this does not confirm our availability for the dates which are not highlighted.

There are several additional unique benefits which we offer to show organisers on the run up to the event as well as after.


– For new shows (to us) we will post approximately a week before the event to tell our following about your event.

– For shows we have photographed previously we will also post on our social media when your next schedule is available

– We also often organise a competition with the show organiser to win paid for show entries. In these competitions we provide payment in full to the organiser and host a Facebook Competition in order to raise awareness of the event. Please contact me if this is something you are interested in!

Post Event

– Following every event we write a show review which is aimed to inform others of the type of event and whether your future events may be of interest to them or friends. We like to be as complimentary as possible in our show reports but they re always truthful! You can find examples in our ‘Blog’ page.

-Within the show report is also our weekly Vlog, in our videos I explain about the show as well as share video clips and images from the day.

-We always provide a selection of low resolution images on our blog post which can be shared on social media as well as the cover photograph. We share images from your event across our platforms.

-Images are online the same evening as the show.

-Competitors who purchase prints on the day also receive a free of charge digital version which is uploaded into our Facebook album, if desired we can add your show name and/or logo onto these images and you can share them on your page or profile.

Why is this important?

Our social media has rapidly grown over the last 12 months, at the time of writing this we have:

4000 Facebook Following                                                              150 YouTube Subscribers                                                                    1250 Twitter Followers

   15,500 Instagram Followers

10,000 Weekly Reach on Facebook                                                   2300 Video Views on Youtube                                         25,000 Weekly Instagram Impressions

Social Media Following= 21,900

Social Media Reach: 37,300

Figures accurate at 13:32 04/02/2020

Your show series is your brand, it should be something that is easily recognisable to your target market and something that people are talking about. From our experience, the amount of people whom attend and event is approximately 50% of the people that are down as ‘Attending’ on the Facebook Event. So although it may look like 100 people are going to turn up to your event online, this is more likely to be 50 and potentially a percentage of these people are likely to be grooming for competitors or spectating. So the more people that are talking about your event, the better.

Our social media following is composed of over 10,000 horse lovers. So let us bring your target market to your event.