Blueberry Events CJWJ @ Askham Bryan College- Saturday 16th December 2017

These events are always so much fun to attend. The Blueberry Events team are always so welcoming and helpful, both to us and competitors. The Can’t Jump Won’t Jump is a really relaxed Show Jumping series which starts with a clear round class- which is slightly bigger than poles on the floor, the first class is slightly higher at 35cm and at this particular event went up to 75cm. All of the classes also had an optional water jump at the end of the course- I loved this idea as sometimes you don’t see fences like this until bigger shows, which obviously isn’t the ideal occasion for your horse to pop a dirty stop in!

There’s so much to like about these events, parking on hard standing, the outdoor surface to warm up on but also an area in the indoor to wait your turn and keep dry! Obviously this blog is a little bit late but I loved the Christmas Fancy Dress/ Christmas Jumper theme! I also really like that some of the Blueberry Events are on a Saturday, I’m all about equestrians occasionally having a Lazy Sunday too!

We vlogged the day and there is a link below, I would love for you to check it out and subscribe to my channel if you want to come to shows with us every weekend!

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