Making a ‘Horsey’ Scrapbook

In an age of having the majority of your images either on your phone, laptop or somewhere in a cloud; more and more people are turning to starting a scrap book.

These are an amazing way to store memories, both those that are horse related or anything else!

I thought I would add a quick list of things which you can add to your scrapbook to create something really special to look back on, especially for those of you who are looking for some relaxing ways to fill your time.

Picking a Book

The book pictured is a super affordable one, it’s actually from Paperchase and is just £5, I purchased this YEARS ago but they are still available. They offer these in black and like a cardboard colour, they also do them in several sizes.

Even better, Paperchase are still shipping at the moment!


Obviously… However, we can maybe talk a little bit about the types of photographs I would recommend. Shamelessly going to add here that we offer Mini Prints which are perfect for this and I have priced them accordingly for being used for projects like this. The size I have selected for our Mini Prints is 4×3″ and this is what is pictured, I would say that the book I have is approximately 7×5″. I also feel that 6×4″ photographs would work well in a larger book, but 4×3″ defintiely leaves space to add lots of other items or writing in.

I have also previously backed images that I have put in scrapbooks with some plain ordinary black paper and trimmed it to size, which I think works really well for making the images stand out.

Wristbands and Passes

It might just be me, just I hate throwing away anything like this! These add some extra colour, texture and sense of authenticity to your book.

Competitor Numbers

Depending on how big your scrap book is, you could potentially add your back number is – especially if you trim it right down. If not it might be a nice thing to log in there just by writing it down. For bigger shows you might even get bridle numbers which would work really well.

Dressage Sheets

Okay hear me out, I know those enormous sheets of paper are too large to put the whole sheet in – but you could easily cut out comments, marks – the judges comment and your score.

Add some writing about the event

Potentially a little but obvious too, but some suggestions are:

  • Comments from the judge for Showing and Dressage
  • The classes you entered with your score and/or placing
  • Thoughts on the course
  • The Date and venue
  • Thoughts on how you felt the horse went on the day – as we all know, this isn’t always reflected in the colour rosette you get!
  • Something you want to work on before the next show or outing


A huge thank you to Katie Dewhurst for sending me the image above of her Mini Prints from us in use and allowing me to include it into this post!

I hope these ideas get you inspired to start your own horsey scrap book, or give you ideas of other items to add to yours x