Event Photography for your Business

Do you want an easier way of accessing images that are relevant to your brand?

Social media is without a doubt one of the most powerful tools you can utilise to promote your brand. If you are active on social media, you will be aware that the key to a successful social media post is the capturing your audiences interest- most easily done with a visually interesting image or video. Once you have captivated the interest of a potential customer, they are far more likely to spend a little longer reading the content and potentially also engage. When your customers begin engaging in your posts they are likely to enquire about your product or service.

This is where we would like to offer you a ‘leg up’! You should be aware that not every image sent to you by a pleased customer or sponsored riders can legally be used as part of your social media campaign. In fact, the only images that you can safely use are images captured by the individual sending the image and images that you have purchased a commercial licence for via the copyright holder/photographer. Images purchased as Personal Use JPEGS or prints are not fair game for use commercially and you may find yourself dealing with a large invoice or solicitors fee quite quickly.

We regularly get asked if our ‘Personal Use’ can be used by a customer’s sponsor or a brand that they have forwarded the image to. As much as I love to see other businesses thriving and my images helping to achieve this… the reality is that quite often a competitor of the brand are paying the correct usage for my images. With this in mind, I wanted to achieve a good relationship with brands who are equally as passionate about their brand, product, service and social media presence as I am about my own. I have come up with a personalised way in which you can utilise beautiful images featuring your sponsored rider(s), product or service without breaking the bank. You can even request images from events we are attending of specific horses and riders whether we are the Official Photographers or Accredited Press.










What’s the solution?

Simply fill in the Contact Form below to request your own folder and I will be happy to have a look through my archives to see if any images I have previously taken may be of interest. I will also keep an eye out whilst I’m at events for any potential images I think may be of use. I am lucky enough to be able to obtain a press pass for some of the most prestigious Equestrian Events in the UK and this is only likely to expand in the future. Your album will be password protected and only viewable by people you trust with the login details. There is no cost involved in having an album set up and there is also no obligation to purchase any images. Once you are on our mailing list, we will send you an email when my press applications for shows have come back successfully, from that you can let us know if you are a class sponsor or if one of your brand ambassadors is competing at the show.

How to purchase?

If you decide you would like to purchase images within your album for commercial use, you can purchase images via a Credit type system. This means you purchase X amount of images (with an increased discount for more images purchased) but the credit can be used over any amount of time, there is no urgency to use it at the time of purchase. The main benefit of this being that you can buy however many images you want at a time of year that your marketing budget is larger but continue to use it throughout the year as more images are added. Your images will arrived with your logo on with a version cropped in the ideal dimensions for Facebook (2:3) and an additional version of the same image cropped for Instagram (1:1).

Our bundles of credit for Commercial Use Images on Social Media are as follows:

4 images: £50 (£12.50 per image)

10 Images: £100 (£10.00 per image)

20 Images £175 (£8.75 per image)

50 Images: £375 (£7.50 per image


Number Of Images

The images below have my own logo on the image, this is how our Personal Use Images look. For images purchased via the above systems I can add your own logo in the same place and also a very small line of text along the bottom with ‘Image Supplied by Amy Griffiths Photography for -Your business name here-



















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